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CrossFit Shrewsbury                                                                                            

70 Apple Street, Tinton Falls, NJ

CrossFit Classes

Once you have completed your On-Ramp course you will be able to start coming to our regular CrossFit classes! These classes will challenge you physically and mentally and are designed to better your fitness in every way. Our CrossFit programming will include all areas of fitness from running and rowing to gymnastics and weightlifting! 

We understand that everybody has different goals and because of that we offer three versions of our daily WOD. These categories are Competition, Performance, and Fitness. Our competition version of the WOD is the most challenging and is for our members who are interested in competing and pushing their fitness levels as far as possible! Performance is for those who are here for general performance. The Performance WOD is usually very similar to the competitor workout but with scaled versions of all the movements. Lastly, our Fitness category is for those who are still new to CrossFit and for those who are here just for their general fitness. The workouts are designed to scale back the intensity so our members can still work on their form and skill work within the workouts. The fitness category is a perfect style of the workout for our new members to get comfortable with CrossFit!

CrossFit Shrewsbury Programs 

Trial Class

Our free trial class gives you the chance to sit down with one of our experienced coaches and learn all about CrossFit and Crossfit Shrewsbury. The class is designed so you can ask any questions you have about what Crossfit is in a small group setting. You will learn a few movements that you will see in our classes and then get a chance to experience a mini WOD (Workout of the Day). This class is the first step you should take if you are interested in CrossFit!

On Ramp Program

Once you have completed a trial class and want to move on the the next step of joining CrossFit Shrewsbury, you can start our On-Ramp Program. Our On-Ramp program is a necessary pre-requisite to our regular classes. Our on-ramp is a two week program consisting of six classes. In this program you will learn all the movements you will see in our normal classes. You will also get a chance to do workouts at the end of each class to get your body accustomed to the intensity and volume that come with a CrossFit workout. We have designed this program as a perfect transition to our normal classes. Once you complete our on-ramp you will be more than ready to start doing CrossFit!