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Established in 2009


70 Apple Street, Tinton Falls, NJ

Barbell Club

What is Barbell Club?
Our barbell club is a separate program from our CrossFit classes. It will have it's own programming and the design of the programming into get you more proficient and stronger with the olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk). This program is for anyone looking to get better at their lifts. You will receive individualized and hands on coaching every time you come to class.

When are the classes and how long are they?

The classes take place twice a week for one hour. Currently, the classes are at 7:30pm, and on Sunday the classes are at 9am. (These times are subject to change each cycle). The Barbell Club works in 8 Week Cycles. You must pre sign up for the class as we will have limited spots available.  

How does the Barbell Club membership work?
If you are a current CrossFit Shrewsbury member, the Barbell Club is an add on to your current membership.

Barbell for Unlimited Members - $50 add on

Barbell for 3x Month Members - $80 add on

‚ÄčNon members - $200 monthly

How Do I sign Up?

You can shoot us an email at any time to check when the next cycle is starting. Don't hesitate to reach out at